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  1. Our store is currently open on-line only.

  2. Our products are individually mixed and packed on-site for a true boutique offering.

  3. We are too boutique (small) to handle returns, so all sales are final.  However, please send an email if you have suggestions on how we may improve our products and services.

Store Policies: Store Policies


We will ship within seven (7) days from order.  We will ship through USPS priority mail, and shipping charges will apply.



Our lavender Field and Orchard are a perfect setting for wedding and other family portraits.
Buy an amateur Photopass for $50/hr (2 hour minimum) or a professional Photopass for $250 for three



General Policies

1. Parking is available on-site in designated areas.  Parking off-site or on neighboring properties is not permitted and violators will be towed at their own expense.

2. The field is maintained, but does have small undulations. Take precaution when walking
through the fields or non-path areas so as not to injure yourself.
3. Feel free to take a seat in one of the Adirondack chairs (or on the ground), relax, and enjoy the
4. Lavender attracts bees and butterflies, while they are both wonderful creatures, one of them
can sting. Take precaution for bee stings.
5. No pets allowed on the premises.
6. Feel free to take amateur pictures, but we would appreciate a tag on your social media
platforms #LavenderMist. If you want to take pictures in a private session, please contact us for
your photopass.
7. No smoking allowed on the premises.
8. We have trash cans, so please use them. If you brought it with you, please take it with you or
throw it away in the proper place.
9. Please don’t pick the Lavender.
10. We have neighbors, so please be respectful and stay off their property and be courteous.
11. Take a deep breath and enjoy the soothing scent of that magical herb called Lavender.

Terms and Conditions 

Some raw may materials may be externally sourced.  Therefore, Lavender Mist Farms liability is limited to the product cost of the product you purchase on this site, including any finished product you manufacture or re-package. Any claims, issues, complaints, etc. for the purchased products for retail customers and finished products you manufacture using raw materials from this site are the responsibility of you as the reseller.  It is your responsibility to complete all of your own product testing prior to batching or repackaging finished product.

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